If you are looking at this website, you are most likely thinking about building a new home, or remodeling an existing home. Hopefully our pictures and in-site will help you in getting some ideas that will help you on your way.

Cabinetry is a key element in any home, whether it be a bathroom, laundry room, storage room, kitchen or even furniture. 

One question I get often is, "what are the benefits of spending more money on custom cabinets and furniture?" My answer is always the same. Cabinets serve more than one purpose. You are paying for quality, storage, function, style, unique sizing, personality etc. etc. The right planning can turn an ordinary kitchen into a beautiful, functional work area.



75% of the custom furniture we build starts with this problem. "I can't find anything that fits in this spot." Especially when you are looking for something that also meets the criteria mentioned above. Often we settle for something that "will work for now." The truth is, the time that we spend searching for something and then just settling could be spent doing other things. Not to mention the time saved having something built to work for you and your lifestyle.

Make every piece of furniture in your house serve a purpose. If it truly is only for looks, then finding a good deal, that matches your style is the way to go. Cabinetry on the other hand is always used for something. Even a small kitchen or bathroom can be utilized efficiently and effectively with the right layout, and the right details that make every cabinet and every area serve a purpose. The added bonus is that if it is built right, it will meet these needs for a long time.


The London Times Quotes:

"In the modern home, there is only one candidate for the title of 'most important room in the house'; the kitchen. The days when cooking was the sole function of this room are a distant memory.

These days, kitchens are all things to all people: an entertainment center, party venue, dining room and social hub all rolled into one. Making the most of the space in this unique part of your home, by installing the right selection of kitchen storage solutions, can go a long way towards creating an organized, clutter-free and comfortable environment.

Despite the multifaceted changes it has undergone, the primary role of the kitchen remains one of food storage, preparation and, more often than not, eating. Making the logical assumption that the average home hosts at least two meals a day, it's easy to see why the kitchen is afforded so much attention.

The room ought to be designed and organized with both hygiene and efficiency at the forefront of your mind. Time is often of the essence and the ability to prepare, eat and tidy away quickly can be a godsend in a hectic and fast-paced life.

As mentioned, the kitchen is the heart of the home, particularly for families; it is often the scene in which typical human interactions, such as the hurried breakfast or the Sunday roast, are set. It also tends to be the room in which most other meals are enjoyed. As such, your choice from the wide and varied range of kitchen tables available is vitally important. Ideally, you want one that is both large and impressive enough for hosting without becoming a cumbersome obstacle when not in use.

Another important factor to consider with your kitchen, especially if you have designs on using it as a hosting room, is its efficiency. This can be greatly enhanced by choosing the right storage solutions and making the most of the space you have. Multifaceted purchases such as islands and trolleys are well worth considering given the numerous advantages and uses they can bring to your kitchen.

Of all space-saving designs, it is perhaps corner cabinets that have the potential to make the most difference. Turning awkward corners from an inconvenience into an ingenious storage space with either pull-outs or carousels can be invaluable in helping you ensure every available bit of space is accounted for.

As more and more time is being spent in the kitchen, particularly eating or hosting social occasions, the importance of comfort comes to the fore. Rather than making radical changes by replacing the current furniture, it is far easier, not to mention fiscally prudent, to tweak what you already have. Chair Booster cushions, for example, are a simple purchase that can instantly turn a rigid wooden structure into a comfortable seat for meal times and at the same time subtly change the feel of the room.

The importance and popularity of the kitchen in the modern home is only going to increase. Making the most of yours could be the difference between a nice home and a great one."

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Sometimes no matter how hard you look, you cannot find something what you are looking for. Its too small for the space, it has no drawers, it is just not the right color. The easiest way to solve this problem, is to build something that meets your needs, and matches your style. The options are endless

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